BTSMAKNAENET is a network dedicated to BTS’ maknae line; Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, and Park Jimin! This network is to bring those who love this trio, taekook, jikook, and vmin!


  • follow the network
  • reblog the post to help get the word around
  • check out the admins: dani & kait // this is optional but greatly appreciated
  • should post at least 50% BTS; multifandom blogs are fine as long as you love this trio!!
  • i will be making posts of the new members every so often so be sure to check your url tag often
  • fill out the application for the network

once accepted:

  • track the #btsmaknaenet tag so you can see the other members content and also any announcement posts that might be made
  • if you post any original content, be sure to have the tag within the first five tags of your content or else it won’t show up in the tag
  • do not repost any fanart/edits/graphics/gifs; if you are caught doing this you will be terminated from the group
  • put a link to the network somewhere on your blog
  • you MUST be active
  • please inform me when you change urls so i can update the members page
  • failure to follow these rules will result in termination of membership