HELLO it is that time of the year… 6 (well 4 actually btu shh) best selfies of 2k16!!! tagged by my beautiful, lovely, angelic pals @bultaoreuntae, @tahyungs, & @bwingle!!! love u guys!!! 

rip i look like a whale…..can u believe it’s already the end of the year? time goes by SO QUICK 

anyways i wanna see all of ur guys’ gorg faces too!! i tag: 

@jungkookjpeg, @pjkook, @rapgodguk, @kimtahyung, @sftae, @fhawn, @ilusana, @dearkook, @gukiss, @jeondiary, @taeisthesun@mytaeddy, & @verynogood!!! (u dont have to do it if u already did it + dont want to [and in lynns case U DONT FREAKIN TAKE SELFIES]) !!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!