hello, it’s kyra. :] so wow, i reached my personal goal with this blog. okay, well i reached my goal over three weeks ago, but i only got to do this now. anyway, i don’t wanna talk much, just thank the people that are following me. even though it kinda overwhelms me sometimes that people are actually following me (idk why omg), i am still really thankful that you /are/ following me and my trashy blog, heh :] so yeah, anyways. here is my first follow forever. and sorry, if i forgot anybody ;; tell me if that’s the case. same goes for mutuals – if you are not bolded and we actually are mutuals, tell me. ♡

((my lovely twin @lollipop-tae did this for me, shoutout to her. ily. ♡))

bolded – mutuals

💘 – my friends
💞 – my dearest friends 


 – the dd squad (pls don’t hate me for the emoji, lmao. only the truth.)
🌸 – people who seem cool and who i’d like to talk to more :3
– your blog is just hella rad, i love it lots ;; [in other words, my favs]

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